Postgraduate Representation

Representation is at the heart of the SRC; listening to students and working hard to improve life at University.

From class representatives to sabbaticals, there is representation at all levels and always someone to talk to or raise an issue with. Postgraduate representation is vital as we need to know exactly what is happening in the Graduate Schools, what issues there are and how we can help. For more information on Council as a whole, check out the SRC Representation section.

By becoming a postgraduate representative you will get to be part of the SRC Council, which is responsible for ensuring that the University of Glasgow is doing the best for the students. You will get to be part of a team of your peers, helping to make decisions that will directly affect your student experience. It is also an excellent opportunity to sit on relevant committees where decisions are made that directly affect your education — such as the Researcher Development Committee, Deans of Graduate Studies and Senate. You will also help in the development of The Gilchrist Postgraduate Club and work on issues relevant to postgraduates such as Intellectual Property Rights, Research Integrity and PhD extensions.

Their responsibilities also include:

  • Organising working groups to discuss issues raised by students;
  • Passing on the information gained to Council and the VP Education;
  • Attending Faculty Meetings with relevant members of University staff to discuss the issues about the University environment, the learning process, and course information;
  • Sending occasional emails to students advising them of what the SRC is currently doing to help them, and to update students on the solutions to particular problems raised.

Current Academic officers

Postgraduate convenors

Arts Convenor
MVLS Convenor
MVLS Convenor
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This position is currently unfilled. Interested in becoming our next one? Keep an eye out for our Autumn Elections!

Flynn Gewirtz-O’Reilly
PG Research Convenor
Science and Engineering Convenor
Science and Engineering Convenor
Ketong Zhang
Social Sciences Convenor