Got a question about The Gilchrist Postgraduate Club? We’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked.

Who can use The Gilchrist Postgraduate Club?

The club is accessible for all University of Glasgow postgraduate students and staff. There may be exceptional circumstances, e.g. a conference, when access is granted more widely. Generally, during the summer vacation, the Gilchrist is open to all students and visitors. During term time, the club is open access to all after 5pm.

How do I gain access to the club?

Entry to the club is via a swipe card system. Postgraduate students and staff need only to swipe their GUID card to gain access, similar to the University Library. If you experience any issues regarding your card and gaining access to club, please email gilchristpgclub@src.gla.ac.uk. During periods when access is granted beyond the normal client group, the swipe card system is switched off so no card is necessary for access.

What are the opening times of The Gilchrist Postgraduate Club?

We are open 7 days a week and during term time operate on the following hours:

  • Monday–Friday: 8am-23:00pm
  • Saturday: 10am–17:30pm
  • Sunday: 12noon–17:30pm

*Hours subject to change during holidays and out of term.

Where is the club?
The Gilchrist Postgraduate Club is number A26 on the University campus map. We are located in the Gilbert Scott Building, straight through the Main Gate, directly behind the McIntyre Building.

Gilchrist Map
University campus map showing The Gilchrist Postgraduate Club

Can undergraduates use the club?

The club is primarily for the use of postgraduate students and University staff. However, there are exceptions such as conferences as highlighted above. In addition, there are a range of social occasions, such as the SRC Culture Club events (Burns Night/Chinese New Year) where undergraduates are encouraged into the club to mix and socialise with postgraduates.

What is the purpose of The Gilchrist Postgraduate Club?

The club is a space on campus for postgraduates to engage with one another in both a social and academic environment, offering students the opportunity to mix with peers outside of their schools or colleges. The club hosts numerous workshops and seminars that are beneficial to the academic development of the researchers here at Glasgow, as well as offering a host of social events that allow postgraduates to fully engage in the student experience.

Who can book out the seminar room, and what for?

ANY University of Glasgow postgraduate student can book the seminar room for postgraduate events.   In some cases University of Glasgow staff can book for a postgraduate related event however this will be up to the discretion of SRC staff. The room is normally free to hire for a postgraduate event. Previous uses include; workshops, seminars, reading groups, conferences and postgraduate board meetings- the room can be used for pretty much anything. The room holds 50 comfortably for a seminar/lecture, or can be arranged board room style seating 20. Alternatively, the room can be used for wine receptions or evening events with a standing capacity of around 65. For further enquiries, or to book the room, please email gilchristpgclub@src.gla.ac.uk.

Can I book a booth?

The booths operate on a first-come-first-served basis.

Can I book the whole club for an event?

It is possible to book the whole club for a special event. Please contact us for more information gilchristpgclub@src.gla.ac.uk.

Are there food and drink facilities available at The Gilchrist Postgraduate Club?

Yes. The club has its own cafe and bar serving a wide range of food and drink, including paninis, soup, sandwiches, wraps and baguettes, as well as a wide selection of confectionery and home-baking. We have a range of soft drinks, and our barista coffee is the BEST COFFEE ON CAMPUS — everything from lattes to cappuccinos, mochas to hot chocolates. There is a large selection of syrups to spice up your hot drinks, including salted caramel, vanilla, peanut butter, mint, chai and gingerbread…plus many more. Our bar is well stocked with local sourced beer, including West Brewery and BrewDog, as well as a wide selection of spirits and wine.

Is The Gilchrist Postgraduate Club online?

Sure are — you can follow us on Twitter and ‘like’ us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with all postgraduate related news, not only here at Glasgow, but across the UK and beyond too.

If you have any other questions about the club, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at gilchristpgclub@src.gla.ac.uk.