SRC Spring Election Nominations 2019

The SRC Spring Elections 2019 are now open! Find out more below!

So, who are the Election Nominations for?

The nominations are for anyone who is interested in running for a position on the Council – there are 41 positions open and all* registered (Undergrad or Postgrad) #TeamUofG students can run for a position – including you there, reading this.

So, why run for a position?

Running for a position is a great way to:

  • Help improve the #UofG experience – is there something that you think needs bettering (i.e. on your course, or that’s specific to a particular building)? Well, if so, running for a position will give you a chance to try and fix any issues you (and your fellow students) need rectifying
  • Meet new people and form new friendships – we get that being a Postgraduate can be an isolating experience at times, and through getting involved in the SRC you’ll be able to meet both Postgraduates and Undergraduates and find out more about the PG social events on campus and help spread the word to your fellow peers
  • Increase your employability skills
  • Learn more about the internal structure of the university – the more you learn about how the university works, the better your university experience will be, after all…
  • Get invited to cool events, where you can truly live your best life – networking of course

So what positions are available (that are open to Postgraduate Students)?

PG Specific Positions

  • PG Convenor (Arts)
  • PG Convenor (MVLS)
  • PG Convenor (Science and Engineering)
  • PG Convenor (Social Sciences)
  • PG Research Convenor

Non-PG Specific Positions

  • Welfare and Equal Opportunities Officers
  • Age Equality Officer
  • Charities, Clubs and Societies Officer
  • Disability Equality Officer
  • Environmental Officer
  • Gender Equality Officer
  • International Students Officer
  • LGBT+ Officer
  • Mental Health Equality Officer
  • Race Equality Officer

So, after that highly convincing blog (if I do say so, myself, teehee), of course (!) you now want to run for a position, and you’ll be glad to know that you can find the candidate packs, and all the other information you need about nominating yourself, here.

If you made it until the end, thanks for that! #UntilNextTime

NB: All* bar those who’ve opted out of representation

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